Saigo 2.0

  • RGB lighting
  • Huano switches
  • Right-handed & left-handed
  • 7,200 DPI

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Superior performance

Saigo 2.0 is equipped with the high precision PIXART 3212 sensor which guarantees superior performance. It supports resolutions of up to 7,200 DPI, speed of up to 30 IPS and a 10 G acceleration. Add to these the unmatched response time of 1.7 ms and you have the ultimate weapon ready to serve you.

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Pro-grade Huano switches

Saigo 2.0 comes with long-lasting Huano switches that are able to perrform under the most extreme cirqumstances. Ideal for players who adopt a tactile approach, they will last for more than three million 'clicks'.

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Locate your target, arm, shoot

Saigo 2.0's key advantage is its multi-function key. Strategically placed where you can press it using yout thumb, it will become your secret weapon against your opponents.

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Suitable for both right and left-handed

Saigo 2.0's changeable panels allow it to adjust to your style and gameplay in a quick and easy way. It doesn't matter if you're right-handed or left-handed: in any case you'll be able to configure it so that you can enjoy a top-class gameplay experience without compromises.

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[ RGB lighting]

Saigo 2.0 adjusts to your personal style thanks to its RGB lighting. Featuring 11 different modes and lighting effects, it will make your gaming rig looking exactly like you've imagined it.

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[ DPI key ]

Choose the resolution level that suits your game between 500 and 7,200 DPI with the press of a key. Kennyo 2.0 offers six different options to select from.

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[ Top class cable ]

Saigo 2.0's 1.7-meter cable is made of high quality braided cord ensuring a tangle-free and longer-lasting experience. Its golden-plated plug guarantees stable connections

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[ Player profiles ]

Saigo 2.0 comes with onboard memory of 16 kb allowing you to save your settings and access your profile wherever you are.

Suitable for Right-handed and left-handed
Connection Wired USB connection
Technology PAW3212 optical sensor
Response time 1.7 ms
Max resolution 7,200 DPI
Max speed 30 IPS
Onboard memory 16 kb
Acceleration 10 G
Lighting RGB lighting with 11 modes and effects
Cable 1.7 m braided cable
Lighting color selection No
Dimensions 129 x 66 x 38 mm
Weight 134 gram.
Color Black
Contents Mouse

ZeroGround Saigo 2.0 MS-3500G

Additional software