Personal data protection

The website aims to offer its customers an easy way to complete their purchases based on the data they have already entrusted us. This data is strictly confidential and with the customer's consent are used for their information and support as well as the process of their orders. Customers have the right to access the data they have provided us (right to access no.12 l.2472/97) as well as the right to object (based on articles 11 to 13 of l.2472/1997). Specifically:

a. Personal data protection

Every human being has the right to know whether their personal data are being or have been processed (right to access no.12 l.2472/1997). Personal data management and protection for the visitors/users of are subject to the relevant provisions of the Greek law (l.2472/1997) for the protection of individuals and personal data as well as the European law. The current terms are put forward taking into account the rapid development of technology and the worldwide web in particular as well as the existing - albeit not fully developed - regulatory package regarding these issues. Under this regulatory package, any relevant regulation will be part of the current section. In any case Dot Media Ltd has the right to change the personal data protection terms. Any change will be mentioned on our website under the 'News' tab. If a visitor/user does not agree with their personal data protection terms that are listed in the current section, must avoid using the services of the website

b. Personal data protection general terms

Dot Media Ltd conserves the personal nature of the visitors/users' data and is prohibited from transferring this to any third party (physical or legal person) for whatever reason with the only exemption being the laws that oblige it to share specific data with the Authorities - if requested. Same data can be used for transaction security as the Greek law allows. In any case and at any time, users have the right to object or submit any other request with regards to their personal data management - as per l.2472/1997.

Dot Media Ltd maintains files with personal data that are provided by the website's visitors/users for communication, financial and tax purposes.

Visitors/users can contact our company's relevant department on 210 2849836 in order to verify whether there is a file with their personal data, its correction, update and/or deletion.

Dot Media Ltd and its marketing department may manage part or all the data users have submitted for statistical and financial reasons, as well as to improve the quality of its services.

Visitors/users have the right to object with regards to their personal data management as per article 13 of l.2472/1997.

c. Personal data submitted to our company

Web orders

In order to use the services of and place their orders, visitors/users are asked to submit the following data: Full name/Name of company, Profession, Address, Postcode, Telephone, Email, Fax, VAT Number, VAT Office, City, Country. This data is needed for the issue of invoices and is kept in the financial file of Dot Media Ltd. Company may use this data in order to inform its customers/users for new services and products and other informative reasons, unless they do not wish to receive such updates and declare it to our company. Submitting the abovementioned data to our company equals with user/visitor consent to their management as explained earlier.