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Headsets & Accessories

Headset and accessories that will elevate your gameplay experiences.

Enjoy the biggest blockbusters like never before as your favorite worlds come to life around you.


Multiplatform wireless 7.1 surround headset with RGB lighting

Akechi Pro

7.1 surround sound headset with vibration and noise cancellation

Ikeda 2.0

Multiplatform εργονομικό 3,5 χιλ./USB headset με 7.1 surround ήχο


Over ear headset with 7.1 sound, large drivers and leatherette cushions

Keiji Pro

7.1 surround over ear USB headset with vibration and RGB lighting


7.1 surround sound headset with vibration and large leatherette cushions

Soji 2.0

Stereo gaming headset with omni microphone and comfortable fitting


Ergonomic headset with 7.1 surround sound and RGB lighting


Ergonomic USB gaming headset stand with RGB lighting