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Conditions of Use

Welcome to www.zero-ground.com.

Visitors, users and others who access www.zero-ground.com consent to the following terms and conditions that apply to the every bit of content, page, graphic, image, video, photograph, file and information that appears on www.zero-ground.com. Therefore they must read carefully these terms before they browse the domain and if they do not agree, they must not access or use its content.

  1. Information related to our customers’ personal data and transactions are safe and highly confidential. Aiming to offer our customers a secure experience we demand two types of data: a username and a password. In order to obtain both, you need to contact our company for the creation of your file. If you are already a member, you just need to fill your username and password and log in.
  2. Aiming to offer our customers a better quality of services, we have separated our products in categories and subcategories which you can see on the topmost part of our website. If you wish to submit an order, you first need to log in and then add the product(s) you want in your basket. In their respective product pages you will be able to access their key tech specifications and other useful information. You are kindly requested to check them thoroughly as by placing your order you agree with them. In any case you can print your order.
  3. ZeroGround imports high quality products from all over the world, aiming to bring you a vast array of products in the best possible prices. Although we take seriously our products’ availability, it is possible for a product that appears on www.zero-ground.com not to be available within a reasonable timeframe or not to be available at all.
  4. For these reasons and aiming to offer our customers the best possible experience – including their protection from unforeseen circumstances – orders that are placed as described above are considered final.
  5. Upon the creation of their accounts on our website, our customers are responsible for all the actions that happen through their accounts with the usage of their username and password – and therefore are kindly requested to keep this data safe. Dot Media Ltd suggests its website members to take every necessary measure to avoid illegal or unauthorized usage of the website by third parties, as well as to memorize their username and password and avoid writing them on items or spots that can be accessed by third parties. In case of theft or loss of their username and unauthorized usage of their account, members are obliged – in order to secure their rights – to inform Dot Media Ltd so that their data (username and password) are updated as soon as possible. Lastly Dot Media Ltd suggests its website users to pay attention and log out of their account always when they’re done browsing the website to avoid unauthorized access to their account. Dot Media is not responsible for any loss or damage occurs from user negligence due to the non-compliance with the current terms.
  6. Designated currency for every transaction is euro (€).
    Orders are delivered to the customers (i.e. destination address) within reasonable timeframe from their submission through this website.
  7. The responsibility for the shipping of each order (using either a logistics company, or a courier) lies with the customer. Company is not responsible for any item damages during shipping.
  8. ORDER CANCELLATION: Customers can cancel their orders either in part or in total by sending an email to info@zero-ground.gr until the next working day at 09:00.
  9. ITEM RETURNS: In case of a defective product, customers can exercise their rights as the Greek law dictates.
  10. ZeroGround is responsible for the integrity and the quality of information mentioned on www.zero-ground.com in terms of both technical specification and provided services with the only exemption being potential typos or other similar errors that have slipped through.
  11. Users accept that any communication between themselves and ZeroGround via e-forms and documents with regards their information and consent is considered written communication.
  12. Our company is under any circumstances not liable for any sort of damage occurs to users/visitors as a result of their interaction with the website’s services, options and content following their consent to the present terms and conditions. Contents of the website www.zero-ground.com are provided “as they are” without any guarantee, explicitly expressed or implied. According to the Greek law, www.zero-ground.com refuses all sorts of guarantee, explicitly expressed or implied including but not limited to these that imply the marketability and the appropriateness for a specific purpose. There’s absolutely no guarantee by www.zero-ground.com that this website’s pages, services, options and content will be constantly offered without any omissions and that any errors will be corrected.
  13. Although our company is taking all necessary measures and uses high tech security software and equipment does not guarantee that other interrelated websites or servers that these are served through are available free of viruses or other sorts of malware. In any case www.zero-ground.com can’t guarantee the integrity, completeness and availability of the website’s content, pages, services, options or their results. The cost of potential corrections or services is covered by users/visitors and not www.zero-ground.com under no circumstances.
  14. Users are prohibited from using the website in unlawful or immoral ways.
  15. When using or accessing our website, you agree to obey the Greek, European and International law. You are subject to regulations regarding telecommunications, morality and trading goodwill and agree to do so without restricting or prohibiting third parties from accessing the website.
  16. Users/visitors are obliged to use our website in a manner consistent with any and all applicable laws and regulations and avoid actions or omissions that may cause issues or affect or put in danger its services.
  17. Our company doesn’t control availability, content, personal data protection policy, quality and completeness of services provided by other websites that www.zero-ground.com refers to through links, hyperlinks or advertising banners. Therefore if any issues occur following your interaction with them, you are obliged to contact the respective websites that are also held responsible for the services they offer. It mustn’t be assumed that our company accepts or embraces these websites’ content or services or in any way is associated with them.
  18. Cookies: www.zero-ground.com may use cookies to recognize users/visitors of its services and pages. Cookies are alphanumeric files that are saved in the visitors/users’ hard drives and are used to facilitate their access to its services. Users/visitors of www.zero-ground.com can adjust their web browsers to be timely informed for cookie usage in specific www.zero-ground.com services and pages or to decline cookie usage. In case users/visitors of said www.zero-ground.com services and pages do not wish cookie usage for their recognition, they may not be granted access to these services and pages.
  19. User/visitor liability: Users/visitors of www.zero-ground.com services and pages are held responsible for any damage occurs to the company because of illegal or illicit usage of its services.
    Intellectual and industrial property rights: the content of the website www.zero-ground.com (indicative but not restrictive to: copy, graphics, photos, logos, audio, programs, applications, source code, articles, information, data, charts, graphs, etc.) are considered intellectual property belonging exclusively to the beneficiary company or the suppliers of its content and is subject to Greek, European and International regulations regarding intellectual property. It is provided to users/visitors only for their personal usage. You agree not to copy, paste, transfer, save, edit, repost, display, perform, transmit, or otherwise distribute and/or use any information or content in violation of the company’s or any third party’s rights without having first the written consent of the beneficiary company or its suppliers. Trademarks, logos, patents, company and product names and graphs that appear on www.zero-ground.com, are copyrighted and intellectual property of third parties, belong to their respective owners and are their responsibility. Their appearance on our website is not and should not be considered transfer of their usage rights.
  20. The case of the single save of specific content in a simple personal computer for personal and not commercial usage citing www.zero-ground.com as the source of the data and without affecting intellectual and industrial property rights is considered to be an exception. Products or services that are mentioned in the website’s pages and bear logos and trademarks of third organizations, companies, partners, carriers, associations or unions are their own intellectual and industrial property and therefore the responsibility sits with them.
  21. Change of prices: All prices may change without any prior notice. For the purchase of a product, the price that’s listed on www.zero-ground.com at the time of the order submission is taken into account.
  22. For any questions, complaint or feedback, feel free to contact us through the e-form you can find on the website.
  23. APPLICABLE LAW – JUDICIAL AUTHORITIES: The abovementioned terms and conditions for the website www.zero-ground.com as well as any edit, addition or alteration of theirs, are subject to the Greek, European and International law and are interpreted based on the goodwill, the trading morals and the financial and social rights. In case a specific term is void, it doesn’t affect the others – it just ceases having effect. No edit, addition or alteration of these terms will be taken into account and will be considered to be a part of these in case it hasn’t been clearly stated and incorporated to them. Responsible for compliance with the aforementioned terms and conditions and for any different that will result from these are the Courts of Athens.
  24. Terms’ modification: ZeroGround has the right to edit the abovementioned terms and conditions of use without prior notice, informing users/visitors for any changes with a new post under the tab ‘New’ in its website. Using the website following any change of its terms and conditions imply the unconditional acceptance of the change(s). In any case a copy of the current set of terms and conditions that dictates the relationship between the visitor/user with the website can be saved or printed by selecting the relevant option.
  25. The abovementioned terms and conditions of use as well as any change may happen to them are subject to the Greek, European and International law. If any of these terms becomes irrelevant and/or illegal, then it automatically ceases to have effect without affecting the integrity of the rest of the terms and conditions.