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Okada 2.0 Extreme

  • Dual surface
  • Premium finish with high resistance seams
  • Non-slip base
  • For optical & laser sensors
SKU: 220059

Large surface, perfect grip

Okada 2.0 Extreme consists of three layers and a non-slip base. Featuring a 3.5 mm profile, it will remain stable no matter how much force you apply while playing.

ZeroGround Okada 2.0 1

Resistance-free sleek movement

Okada 2.0 Extreme's smooth surface ensures that your mouse will move freely without resistance. It's ideal for every type of sensor, both optical and laser.

ZeroGround Okada 2.0 2

Made to last

The mousemat has a premium finish with special seams that keeps the base and surface stable. It's made to perform on a daily basis and under the most demanding situations.

ZeroGround Okada 2.0 3
Type Mousemat
Material Cloth surface, anti-slip rubber base
Dimensions 400 x 450 x 3,5 mm
Suitable for Optical and laser sensors
Color Black with details in red
Contents Mousemat