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Obato Supreme

  • RGB lighting
  • Premium finish with high resistance seams
  • Non-slip base
  • For optical & laser sensors
SKU: 220084

Smooth surface

Obato Supreme is made of memory foam covered by a PU leather surface. This combination offers a soft touch allowing your palms to rest comfortably.

ZeroGround Obato Supreme

Anti-slip underside

Obato Supreme’s underside is made of anti-slip rubber material for enhanced stability – even with the most aggressive style of play. You just need to stay focused on your game.

ZeroGround Obato Supreme

Supreme size

Obato Supreme is perfectly sized for a full-sized keyboard. Measuring 435 x 70 mm it covers the required surface for an ergonomic and comfortable user experience.

ZeroGround Obato Supreme
Type Palm rest
Material PU leather surface, anti-slip underside
Dimensions 435 x 70 mm
Color Black
Contents Palm rest