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Obato Extreme

  • Soft touch
  • Memory foam with PU leather surface
  • Ergonomic design
  • Black color
SKU: 220085

Smooth surface

Obato Extreme is made of memory foam covered by a PU leather surface. This combination offers a soft touch allowing your palms to rest comfortably.

ZeroGround Obato Extreme

Anti-slip underside

Obato Extreme’s underside is made of anti-slip rubber material for enhanced stability – even with the most aggressive style of play. You just need to stay focused on your game.

ZeroGround Obato Extreme

Ergonomic design

With the right height to support your palms comfortably, Obato Extreme boasts an ergonomic design with rounded edges for an even better feeling.

ZeroGround Obato Extreme
Type Palm rest
Material PU leather surface, anti-slip underside
Dimensions 358 x 70 mm
Color Black
Contents Palm rest