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Horio 2.0

  • 7-color LED lighting
  • Huano switches
  • Right-handed
  • 3,200 DPI

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SUNPLUS 180A next-gen sensor

Take advantage of the SUNPLUS 180A specs, a cutting-edge optical sensor that will transform your gameplay experiences. Enjoy lag-free gameplay, world-class precision and speed that will immediately enhance your performance.

ZeroGround Horio 2.0 1

Pro-grade Huano switches

Horio 2.0 comes with long-lasting Huano switches that are able to perrform under the most extreme cirqumstances. Ideal for players who adopt a tactile approach, they will last for more than three million 'clicks'.

ZeroGround Horio 2.0 2

Add color to your game

Transform your gaming sessions and finish off your gaming rig with accessories that will upgrade your gaming experience. Horio 2.0 features 7-color LED lighting that will make it look fabulous next to your tower and other accessories.

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[ Total control ]

Designed for right-handed usage, Horio 2.0 offers an astonishing sense of control, fitting perfectly to your hand and offering a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

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[ DPI key ]

Choose the resolution level that suits your game between 800 and 3,200 DPI with the press of a key. Horio 2.0 offers four different options to select from.

ZeroGround Horio 2.0 6

[ Premium performance]

Offering acceleration of up to 8 G, Horio 2.0 will boost your gameplay with speeds of up to 25 IPS for superior performance no matter the game you're playing.

Suitable for Right-handed
Connection Wired USB connection
Technology SUNPLUS 180A optical sensor
Response time 8 ms
Max resolution 3,200 DPI
Max speed 25 IPS
Acceleration 8 G
Lighting LED lighting with 7 colors
Cable 1.65 m
Number of keys 6
Dimensions 121 x 75 x 37 mm
Weight 122 gram.
Color Black
Contents Mouse