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  • Vibration feedback
  • PC and P3 compatible
  • Turbo mode
  • Wireless connection 2.4 G
SKU: 220040

Plug & play to jump straight into your game

Harada doesn't need any drivers to function. You only need to plug it to your system or console and you'll be able to use it thanks to its plug & play philosophy.

ZeroGround Harada 1

Gameplay that lasts!

It's not only Harada's wireless nature that offers you a cable-free gameplay experience. Its 400 mAh lithium battery will last long enough to enjoy your favorite games without the need for charging.

ZeroGround Harada 2

Feel the tension of the game

Harada's double motors offer it enhanced vibration feedback, making every gameplay experience more dynamic, no matter what game you play.

ZeroGround Harada 3
ZeroGround Harada 4

[ PC & PS3 compatible ]

A flexible and accessible solution, Harada will guarantee convenient and comfortable gameplay experiences on PC and P3.

ZeroGround Harada 5

[ Ready, steady, go ]

Its non-slip surfaces offer Harada a steady and firm grip, allowing you to remain in total control no matter the game you're playing.

ZeroGround Harada 6

[ Total control ]

Get ready to live an astonishing gaming experience thanks to Harada's 14 programmable buttons, D-pad and double analog sticks.

Connection Wireless 2.4 GHz connection
Range 10 m
Vibration Yes
Number of keys 14 (L1, L2, R1, R2, 4 face buttons, Select, Start, Analog, Turbo, dual analog sticks, D-pad)
Compatibility Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Suitable for PC, P3
Type Plug & play
Color Black
Contents Controller, installation disk, USB charging cable, USB receiver

ZeroGround Harada GP-1400

Additional software