Hanzo 2.0

  • RGB lighting with Breathing mode
  • Silent typing
  • 19-key anti-ghosting
  • Macros
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RGB lighting that adds color to your game

Add color to your game and enhance your gameplay experiences thanks to Hanzo 2.0's RGB lighting. Choose the color and the effect that will give your gaming session a unique touch. Lose yourself in the mesmerizing Breathing mode and enjoy Rainbow's colorful waves as 16.7 million colors create an impressive show on your desk.

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Fast, silent typing

Forget the "clicky" keyboards! Hanzo 2.0 is the perfect... stealthy choice as it's completely silent. Featuring an ergonomic design, with the correct key inclination and wrist support, it's ideal for your gaming marathons.

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Macros of the champs

Create your own macros and enjoy a strategic advantage over your opponents and the AI. Hanzo 2.0 boasts 5 macro keys allowing you to succeed even in the most complex combos with a single touch.

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[ Anti-ghosting ]

Anti-ghosting function covers up to 19 keystrokes, registering therefore every single one of your actions no matter what's your pace or style.

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[ Multimedia keys ]

Take advantage of the 12 multimedia keys and make your life easier with useful shortcuts in and off game.

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[ User profiles ]

Create your own sets of settings for every type of game. Save them and pick the one that suits your needs and title with the press of a key.

Type Membrane keyboard
Connection Wired USB connection
Lighting RGB backlighting with Breathing mode
Lighting color selection Yes
Anti-ghosting Yes (19 keys)
Cable 1.8 m braided cable with gold-plated connector
Macros Yes
Number of keys 104
Numpad Yes
Multimedia keys Yes (12)
Keys language English
Dimensions 485.5 x 207.5 x 32 mm
Weight 758 gram.
Color Black
Contents Keyboard

ZeroGround Hanzo 2.0 KB-2500G

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